Making business travel feel effortless.

For our client, a global business travel company, having lots of customers sign up to their travel program isn’t enough. Because they only make money when those sign-ups actually start using their tools and services.

Our objective was simple: to convince more sign-ups to become revenue-generating customers. To do that, we needed to revamp our client’s existing content.

Their ‘Travel Info Hub’ was an obvious place to start.

It’s where customers can find resources to help them plan and book trips. And it required a complete refresh. Design, messaging, user experience — it all needed optimizing to help increase conversions.



Same destination, different journey.

First, we arranged interviews and focus groups to help create new audience personas. We also analyzed the existing Travel Info Hub to identify dead-ends, confusing content, and unnecessary steps that needed correcting.

Next, we began redesigning the site structure. Distinct user journeys were created for each new persona, making it easy for them to find exactly what they needed.

We also introduced new visuals, swapping stock photography for a distinct and ownable illustration style. Tone of voice was also updated to connect with different users and guide them to exactly the right place.

The result? A revamped travel resource that felt truly personalized and frictionless.


Turning sign-ups into revenue-generating customers.

Since optimizing our client’s Travel Info Hub (along with their Welcome Program), their in-scope onboarded accounts are now 3 times more likely to activate.

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