How do you make digital transformation more than a buzzword? Something that can inspire, motivate, and help build partnerships?  

GE Digital is a subsidiary of the US multinational General Electric. They create the digital solutions that can help manufacturing businesses – in this case food and beverage consumer packaged goods producers – run more smartly, more efficiently, and make the kind of data-driven decisions this age demands.   

But, in a world where ‘digital transformation’ has become a buzzword, they needed to make their offer stand out from the sea of sameness, and hit home the message that GE Digital is the best partner to help go out and do great things for customers.


“Reinvent the everyday. Every day.” A bold campaign to appeal to the brands who produce the everyday consumer products we all know and love.   

With our distinctive campaign, we engaged our target audience of F&B CPG brands using new, ownable photography and messaging in ads that rolled out in multiple channels and across the funnel.


We stood out – and it counted.  

Our campaign attracted eyeballs, clicks, and interested prospects at a far higher rate than other content in the client’s rotation:  

  • On LinkedIn, the ads hit a really high CTR of 0.88-1.18%, significantly exceeding the client’s target.    
  • The ad promoting the product demo had an unusually high CTR of 1.11% versus a benchmark of 0.28%.  
  • And in Demandbase we saw increases in views from 63% of target accounts versus a lift benchmark of 35%.  

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