Emails have long since been simple, flat and uneventful. This is mainly due to restrictions in the email clients not allowing the same code freedom as their browser counterparts. Unlike web development, email clients have no standard coding practice, meaning you have to create hacks to get your email working across the 40+ email clients available!

It’s due to this complicated mix and the restrictions certain email clients – we’re looking at you Outlook! – have with the code you can use, that emails tend to be coded as simple as possible.

But with the rise in mobile opens and the freedom they allow with coding, now is the time to be creating more complex emails and allowing the emails to degrade gracefully to the clients that don’t allow these features.

Here are some of the best resources that demonstrate the range of creative uses of email coding and some of the ways we can put some energy back into our emails:

Gifs in email

Twitter feed in email