Ledger Bennett’s continuously updated slate of key B2B Marketing & Revenue Intelligence Statistics tracking the ever-evolving landscape across B2B marketing technology stats, digital transformation stats, virtual event stats, customer experience (CX) stats, data-driven marketing stats and more to keep you in the know…

B2B Marketing Technology Statistics

  • Just 23% of companies put Marketing in full control of martech, and, while 80% rate martech tools as effective, 90% still face challenges using martech to meet business goals. (Forrester / Simon Data)
  • 54% of senior marketing leaders are disappointed in their analytics investment. (Gartner)
  • In a survey of marketers, 89% said their current MarTech enables omni-channel experiences, 78% said their current platform delivers the expected ROI, 67% would rather combine multiple best-of-breed solutions rather than using one vendor’s integrated suite, and 79% prefer an internally build proprietary platform to buying from a any vendor. (Merkle)
  • 82% of marketers report the ROI of their marketing technology investment improved in 2020. (Acquia)
  • 80% of Customer Data Platform (CDP) users say the system has helped meet customer expectations, yet only 31% say they are satisfied with their current solution with 65% poised to increase their investment in data tools. (Forrester)
  • 87% of marketers report they are deploying or already have a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in place. (Gartner)
  • In a survey of B2B marketers, 79% reported using an ABM platform to measure campaign results, but only 46% say their measurement reported a strong ROI. (LiveRamp)
  • 68% of marketers struggle with MarTech utilization with 23% reporting lack of customer data being a roadblock. (Gartner)
  • 60% of all B2B tech buyers are millennials (age 25 – 39), and 2% are from Generation Z (24 and younger). (TrustRadius)
  • A Marketing Technology adoption survey found 59% preferring integrated technology suites, representing a swing from 57% preferring best-in-breed technology when the same question was asked in 2019. (Gartner)
  • 69% of CMOs plan to increase martech spend in 2021. (CMO Council)
  • 62% of C-suite executives say non-agile data processes hindered their response to the pandemic. (Experian)
  • 92% of companies use multiple clouds yet only 45% integrate data between clouds, highlighting one of many reasons an estimated 30% of cloud investments are wasted. (Flexera)
  • The average marketer uses 21 different marketing and advertising platforms, with 43% of those marketers spending more than a week of every month assembling data that only 31% feel “very confident” is accurate. (Salesforce)

B2B Digital Transformation Statistics

  • 54% of business report problems associated with Digital Transformation efforts have hurt their company’s bottom line. (Digital.ai)
  • Media spend will rise by 6% in 2021 with growth entirely concentrated in digital budgets, which will rise by 14% and reach 71% of total spend while traditional media falls by 5%. (IAB)
  • Digital Transformation has increased in 2020 with 69% of B2B marketers reporting having accelerated digital plans or launched new digital initiatives. (AppDirect)
  • 89% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) report their digital transformation initiatives have accelerated in 2020 due to COVID-19. (Dynatrace)
  • 97% of companies report COVID-19 has sped up their digital transformation. (Twilio)
  • In-person selling has dropped 52% since COVID-19, while digital interactions with Sales has increased as shown by a 41% increase in video-conferencing and a 23% increase in online chat. (McKinsey)
  • Over 90% of B2B decision makers expect the remote and digital model to stick around for the long run, and 3 in 4 believe the new model is as effective or more so than before COVID-19 – for both existing customers and prospects. (McKinsey)
  • 99% of B2B buyers claim they will make a purchase in an end-to-end digital self-serve model, with the vast majority very comfortable spending $50K or more online. (McKinsey)
  • Only 20–30% of B2B buyers want to ever interact with reps in person even in their ideal/post-COVID-19 model. (McKinsey)
  • 70-80% of B2B buyers prefer remote digital interactions or self-service. (McKinsey)
  • 68% of Digital Transformation leaders who have implemented a CDP are prioritizing the creation of a Single Customer View compared with just 47% of late CDP adopters. (SAP)
  • 72% of CMOs believe that marketing has increased in importance during the pandemic. (CMO Survey)

B2B Virtual Event Statistics

  • Businesses who shift from an in-person to virtual event saw a 97% budget savings. (Ledger Bennett)

A survey of senior marketers found 60% of respondents won’t attend in-person event unless safety precautions are in place, while 29% will wait until there’s a vaccine. That said, 80% expect some in-person or hybrid, in-person/virtual, events to take place in 2021. (Integrate)

B2B Data-Driven Marketing Statistics

  • 70% of marketers believe digital advertising will be harmed by a loss of third-party cookies. (Publicis Epsilon)
  • 74% of buyers use multiple channels to complete transactions with 76% expecting consistent cross-channel interactions. (Salesforce)
  • 61% of individuals feel they have lost control of their personal data. Up from 46% in 2019. (Salesforce)
  • A study on consumer preferences around company data practices found 57% in the US, and 44% globally, would forego personalization to protect their data, 20% globally had abandoned or reduced use of a brand over data practices, and 19% switched to a competitor they believed had better data practices. (The Conference Board)
  • Despite decreased 2020 budgets, over 30% of marketers who don’t currently use a B2B marketing measurement tool plan to invest in one in 2021. (LiveRamp)
  • A survey of IT and data specialists found 45% of the time involved in analytics projects is spent doing data transformation. (Matillion)
  • 54% of companies with little or no trust in their data report they still use it to guide strategic decisions anyway. (SnapLogic)
  • Data privacy regulations were cited as the top worry by 41% of media buyers coming into 2021, making it the top concern followed closely by 37% citing the need for more first-party data. (IAB)
  • 75% of marketers list segment-level campaigns as their most important use of customer data with 42% citing lack of quality customer data being their top internal pain point. (CleverTap)
  • 44% of Data Engineers lack key data necessary for decision-making with 68% citing lack of time preventing extraction of insights from available data. 51% of those surveyed said data pipeline break at least one time per month. (Fivetran)
  • 75% of UK businesses identify fewer than 20% of website visitors with 65% struggling with unconnected datasets. (The Drum)
  • Just 37% of U.S. marketers and 45% of UK marketers say their CDP is fully integrated with other systems, and about half collect but ignore customer preferences for contact channel and frequency. (BlueVenn)
  • 48% of marketers make less than half their decisions based on data, compared with 23% of IT and 33% of engineering leaders. Just 40% of executives always trust the data they work with and 22% don’t think their company’s investment in data management is worth it. (Talend)

B2B Customer Experience (CX) Statistics

  • A survey on Omnichannel Maturity found 9% of respondents claiming delivery of a seamless experience across online and offline channels, with just 17% reporting having a dedicated Customer Experience (CX) position at boardroom level. (BlueVenn)
  • 87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey. 57% of buyers already make purchase decisions without ever talking with a vendor representative. (TrustRadius)
  • 56% of B2C companies have a dedicated CX team compared to just 19% of B2B companies. Important given ‘customer-centric’ organizations grow 3x faster than the rest. (Usersnap)
  • 80% of brands believe they deliver a ‘superior experience’ to customers, yet according to customers just 8% of companies deliver on this. (Loop VOC)
  • 71% of customers expect brands to interact with them in real-time, and 64% expect tailored experiences based on past interactions. (Salesforce)
  • Companies that personalize the buyer experience see up to a 50% reduction in acquisition costs. (McKinsey)
  • In terms of personalization, 62% of marketers are focused on personalizing customer service, while a slightly lower 49% are focused on personalizing customer communications. In terms of priorities, personalization (43%) ranks below marketing automation (63%), CDPs (54%), and Artificial Intelligence (44%) for tech investments. (Acquia)
  • Just 33% of UK businesses provide a personalized website with only 27% delivering any type of dynamic content. (The Drum)
  • 70% of digital marketing and CX decision-makers believe unstructured data is important in meeting CX goals, but 42% struggle to make sense of customer feedback. (Reputation)