What is marketing automation? 

Marketing automation is specialist software used by marketers to automate and measure tasks and workflows. 

There are five different types of marketing automation: 

  1. Customer Relationship Management allows you to store a mass of information about your customers and their interactions with your business. 
  1. Email Marketing helps you to automate and control the sending and re-sending of emails to your customers and other contacts. 
  1. Marketing Automation Platforms are all-in-one tool that includes Email Marketing plus other tools that help drive traffic to your site, deliver and manage campaigns, and support inbound marketing activities. 
  1. Social Media Marketing helps you to manage, schedule and measure performance across social channels. 
  1. Marketing Analytics helps you optimize your marketing budget and efforts by aggregating performance and customer data from multiple channels in order to gain true, actionable insight. 

How could Marketing Automation help you? 

You use Marketing Automation platforms to speed up revenue generation and to improve operational efficiencies. 

It does this through: 

  • Economies of scale achieved through (tailored) communication to multiple stakeholders at the same time 
  • Time saving through automation of tasks and centralized systems 
  • Insight gained through analysis of performance data 
  • Increase revenue through successful lead-nurturing programs 

What’s Ledger Bennett’s approach to marketing automation? 

Our approach to marketing automation is different for a few reasons: 

  • We offer strategic, implementation and operational advice and support on how you can make the most of your marketing automation technologies and investment. 
  • We can offer strategic and more operational advice on how to use this type of technology. 
  • We look at how these tools integrate into your overall martech stack rather than operating independently as a standalone application. 

And, because we don’t have skin in the game as a provider of any martech solutions, we can share our the expert knowledge without any agenda – just what’s best for you to achieve your goals.  

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