Ready to get on board the Marketing Automation train? These are our picks of the Top 4 Marketing Automation platforms money can buy:


Perfect for:  Large Global Enterprise
Eloqua is the Marketing Automation platform from Oracle. It has some of the best lead and campaign management tools in the biz, and offers the ability to build complex streams to reach customers about the right thing, at the right time.Get reporting and insights in real-time to get a clear understanding of your audience.

Get reporting and insights in real-time to get a clear understanding of your audience.

Companies that use Eloqua include:
American Express


Perfect for: Mid-market to enterprise-level B2B & B2C marketers
Marketo can help you to easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns across different channels, without needing to call the IT guy for help. It’s clean interface but powerful punch means that Marketo can be used by those just starting out in their Marketing Automation journey, or for companies that wish to start building more complex campaigns.

Marketo also boasts the ability to handle search marketing, web personalization, form building, social media and behavior tracking.

Companies that use Marketo include:

Charles Schwab

Salesforce Pardot

Target Market: SMBs to enterprise-level B2B organizations

Pardot is Salesforce’ offering to the Marketing Automation table. It offers a full suite of tools to help marketers create worthwhile connections with buyers, help generate more leads, build a stronger pipeline, and integrates easily with your existing Salesforce CRM (obviously!).

Companies that use Pardot include:

Blue Cross


Perfect for: SMBs

Ever heard of a triple-threat?

HubSpot does everything, all in one place. Be it web pages, landing pages, emails, or blog posts; all can be built with a limited skill set. Optimize your SEO and social media, and manage traffic effectively email and marketing automation.

Companies that use HubSpot include:
Alpha Software
Rezdy Software

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