Last night, at 00.06 EST, Donald Trump sent out a tweet that was going to change the English language as we know it, and the internet went nuts:

They started by expressing concern:

Then they debated how it was pronounced:

But ultimately it became a joke:

And it wasn’t long before a meme was born!

Unfortunately, when the rest of us make typos in our social media posts, our audience doesn’t usually respond so whimsically. Mistakes in your tweets can’t be edited, so once it’s out there, you’re done. The internet never forgets.

As a B2B marketing agency, we know from our clients and our own experiences, that if you leave your mistakes out there in the open, it will reflect badly on your company. And it’s likely that your social audience will comment on your faux pas, exposing you to the world!

Quality assurance can go a long way. Proofread your posts before you hit ‘Send’, because your audience won’t let you forget.