In these uncertain times, while everyone is sitting in their respective homes, social distancing themselves from everyone else, how do we challenge ourselves? What are the best ways to increase the skill sets of our media peers while remote working?

We have seen both sides of the coin with this virus affecting our clients. Some have seen a downturn in their industries and others have seen their services become vital for the new normal. In a month or two’s time, we as marketers need to be on our absolute A game to help navigate companies back through lost revenue, lead volume, and exposure. They will rely on our flexibility and versatility to bring their business back to solid ground.

Now, there are a TON of free resources on the market right now including IVY league courses, online fitness classes, online resources to keep kids busy and SO much more, but we’re going to focus on resources for Digital Media personnel.

So how do you keep your team, peers, and teammates from getting complacent with this downtime? Free online courses, certifications, and e-learning platforms that increase value to both your company and your clients.

Limited Time Freebies

Google Suite Certifications (always available)

When is the last time you renewed your Google certifications? Brush up on the materials, make sure junior members of your team go through the course and complete certification, and explore channels you may not even use. Might even add it to your consideration set!

Hubspot Certifications (always available)

Start here to get an account and head over to the academy

Microsoft Academy Certifications (always available)

There are a few other Microsoft Certifications including Azure and Office products but the one for your digital media team is:

Facebook Blueprint Certification (always available)

These exams are unfortunately not free. To take/pass them it will cost $150 per exam.

LinkedIn Ads On-Demand Training (always available)

Unbounce Course (always available)

The more of these you can accomplish, the better you and your clients will be prepared to accelerate lead generation and media campaigns. The team skill set improvement will pay dividends in the end. Let’s get ready to come out of uncertainty on top!

Make sure to maximize your time and productivity while forced to be in isolation. Making small investments with your time now will pay off in the long run!

Reach out with any questions on how to navigate this tough time or continue reading through content below!