Does quality matter anymore?

Ledger Bennett Demand Generation

A lot has changed in our business over the last few years.

Gone are the days of creating a one-off ad campaign or 48 sheets.

We now live in a world of complexity.

The list of what we now produce is growing daily.

Websites, banners to go on websites, whitepapers, ebooks, guides and videos that sit on the websites and then tracking the millions of clicks and views on the websites.

And this means there are a lot more chances of mistakes being made.

Retaining quality will need resourcing and can be expensive.

So, is it worth it?

In this fast-moving ever changeable world, does it really matter any more?

Does anyone really care? What does it mean?

Well, I suppose it depends on where youre sitting.

Im sitting in a creative content sort of chair. I suppose I judge quality on how good an ideais.

Is it original is it going to get read is it going to make a sale?

Of course the age-old argument comes with ‘it’s subjective.’

No it isn’nt, you can tell a great idea a mile off, anyone who thinks a bad idea is good is a bloody nutter.

What about client-facing staff, should they judge the quality of their work on the client buying whatever is put in front of them? ‘The client loves it so it must be quality.’

A client should react with ‘It’s better than I expected’, then that at least is on the road to good.

Then there’s say the inbound team, ‘ OMG, we’ve got an amazing click-through rate!’


MAP: ‘Well it works doesn’t it?’

Management: Kerching! ‘It is definitely good’.

More kerching! ‘It’s better than brilliant, give it an award’.

Media may judge quality on the fact that ‘It’s up and running, someone will see it’.

So, if the the client likes the work and you’re raking it in who cares about whether its just average, who cares about standards or pushing the boundaries. Who’s bothered about the odd grammatical error and the odd misplaced punctuation mark, it’s not going to kill anyone?

Who gives a dam? WE DO!

If this error-riddled blog was a piece of copy in our company I would be hung drawn and quartered!

(Yes, the mistakes were done on purpose, honest).

Why? Because we all care.

There should be no margins for error.

Standards should be high, then they should be moved higher.

Whether it’s a full stop, a marketing platform, an AdWords campaign or an email. Quality is of the utmost importance.

And if you think it isn’t, you’re in the rong job.

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