The old siloes of marketing, product and customer success are coming together. To put the customer at the center, they need to be a cohesive digital revenue team. It’s an ambitious goal, especially for enterprises, where complex structures, a lack of resources or increasingly short-term goals can create barriers that are hard to overcome.

But we think you can get around them with one crucial thing. The missing piece? Connected thought.

The connectivity of client services

Connected thought is the lynchpin for B2B marketing programs that influence customer lifetime value and drive recurring revenue for their business. A strong client services team that blends marketing, commercial, and project management skills helps in-house marketers remove longstanding walls in their organization and coalesce around a unified goal – creating forever customers.

Our client services team is that neural hub that gives your business that perspective on your complete marketing strategy and marries it with the agency’s work. It helps you strengthen internal connections that mean your customers can expect a seamless sales and product implementation process – and keep coming back.

We focus our client relationships around:

1) Building connected relationship networks.

Our goal is to be trusted counsellors – not only to our primary marketing sponsor, but to understand the contact network across marketing, product and customer success. By getting deep inside your business, we enable knowledge sharing between client departments, collaborate on goal setting, and bring value to the entire network.

2) Creating scopes that deliver on customer lifetime value.

We review briefs through the lens of connected thought and write scopes of work that involve the right business stakeholder inputs, asking questions like:

  • What content do customer success managers think will resonate with customers or prospects within the ideal customer profile (ICP)?
  • Does the product manager think the creative concept will help them tell better stories about their product benefits?

We bring clarity to the ambiguous – translating marketing terminology to become clear and measurable. Take Customer Experience (CX). It means different things to different teams, and you can never truly tackle the challenge of providing a better CX without all perspectives. That’s why we ask:

  • What are the key CX touchpoints with customers for each of these teams?
  • How should our positioning, information architecture (IA) and user interface (UI) outputs be constructed to bring the most value to your business and measure CX improvements?

3) Sharing success across your business

Client services are the team who track everything we do for your business. We identify your needs – be they in brand strategy, creative, research, or measurement – and assemble the right team to deliver on your most important objectives.

We are your champion for the successes of marketing programs and share them around, particularly between marketing, sales, product and customer success. This can only help to increase the positive connections between teams, which will transfer to positive customer connections as well.

By connecting everything we do to improving customer experience from first touch throughout the journey, we help you establish enduring relationships and repeatable revenue. With our inside-out perspective, connected thought equals forever customers.