A few years ago, I sat down with a sigh at my 8–5 desk job, bleary-eyed from the 45-minute rush hour commute.

I liked my job. But staring out the same windows, driving down the same highway, going through the same motions every day had me feeling creatively in a rut — not good for someone on the Creative team.

I was ready to find an opportunity that reignited my spark and recaptured my interest.

Enter Ledger Bennett.

Three years later, I’ve worked in 10 different countries for a host of world-beating organizations.

In this blog, you’ll learn how a truly flexible working policy has not only had a hugely positive impact on me, but also my team and our clients. 

Because great work can happen anywhere.

Life as a marketing nomad.

At Ledger Bennett, I’d found somewhere that not only cares about work-life balance, but also work-life experience.

It meant I could be exposed to meaningful opportunities that nurtured my growth, expanded my boundaries, and broadened my thinking.

It’s foolish to think that the only experiences that make us better marketers happen in the office. After all, our first responsibility as marketers is to understand people. The best way to do that?

Go out and interact with them.

Remote control: how I’ve been able to make an impact.

There’s perhaps a bit of a dismissive image of the nomadic worker. Someone lazily pushing their trackpad to keep their ‘online’ status active, sipping coconut water (straight from the coconut), looking out over a beach from a hammock.

This isn’t quite true.

Being exposed to so many different places and people has made me a stronger player within my team. It’s helped me contribute more, not less.

Since Ledger Bennett supports a global clientele, having employees working from anywhere and everywhere is a huge strength. From cultural immersion to real-time support across time zones, we’re able to do more for each other and our clients.  

Here are three ways being a nomadic marketer has made a difference — for me and my agency.

  • The 24-hour office.

Over the past year, I’ve been based in East Asia, across Japan, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

This means that I could work on my part of a project before handing it over to the UK team when they came online, who could then hand it over to the US team. 24-hour, non-stop productivity.

  • Global awareness.

I get to experience the global marketing landscape first-hand. This means I can tap into the creative pulse of some of the most inspiring cities like London, Tokyo, Rome, Madrid, and Taipei.

This not only keeps my thinking fresh, but it also inspires me to consider cultural and industry nuances — and how we can reach the right people, the right way.

  • A world of opportunity.

Some interactions are only possible when you’re out in the world.

I recently struck up a conversation at an art opening in Taipei. I discovered they work for the Asia-Pacific marketing division for one of our clients. I got to hear how their team was tackling the same challenges we were, and their perspective on the industry from the other side of the world.

These interactions enrich how we work — but they only happen when we open ourselves to them.

An attitude of continuous discovery.

As I’ve shifted from Copywriter to Content Strategist to Strategist, my interest in exploring different aspects of marketing has largely been motivated by my exploration and interest in the world itself.

Finding big ideas and big opportunities comes more naturally when the world itself is your workplace.

There’s a special feeling that comes when your company trusts you (and encourages you) to take this approach to work. And this internal culture carries through to how we work with clients — building deeper relationships and giving customers better experiences, wherever they are.

To find out more about what it’s like to work with Ledger Bennett, get in touch.