Make revenue your north star.

When you can put a number on your ROAS, and understand how every stage of your funnel contributes to revenue, you can make revenue-driving decisions with confidence.

Activate your data to realize 30%+ reduction in paid search CPA.


Accurate and centralized data allows you to understand what’s going on at a glance.

Better decisions.

Spend your time creating smarter strategies instead of chasing down data.

Better business.

Direct your time and money with more confidence and see the difference it makes in increased pipeline and revenues.

Deep B2B paid advertising revenue, ROAS, funnels and everything else analytics out of
the box.

Deep paid advertising analytics

The single place your media managers go to quickly get a complete view and comparison of what’s going on across all digital advertising platforms.

All of your paid advertising platform data (LinkedIn, Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram…) aggregated in a single place.

Quickly determine where to spend time doing optimizations and know which optimizations on which platforms will deliver the most impact.

Measure the impact of everything on pipe and revenues (platform, channel, campaign, targeting, regions, creatives, keywords, devices and more…).

Know what moves the needle.

From demand generation, to conversion and close, Cortex gives you a 360º understanding of what really drives revenues.

Lean into growth.

Understand which activities are driving growth within your operation. Cut unproductive activities and lean in to what’s working with certainty.

Ready to go integration and data transformations.

Custom integrations

The first step is we get your data into Cortex, either by pulling it out of your data collection system directly, or using a custom integration designed by one of our Cortex Integrations Experts.

We can help you get
it right.

Delivered by a team with over a decade of B2B data integration and digital advertising experience, we can help make sure your project is technically successful, that your people are taking action on the data, and that your executives are aligned and bought in. We help with:

  • Custom data integrations
  • Report customizations
  • Custom attribution model creation
  • Media agency services

Welcome to a new era in B2B advertising.


We are dedicated to, and energized by the needs and goals of the enterprise B2B paid media team.


We are on a continual search to discover the next big idea that brings our customers business value.


Experts in B2B marketing, paid media, data science and attribution with a history of being on the forefront of B2B marketing and ad tech.

Ready to increase your revenue?