Chief Revenue Officer Job Description

Chief Revenue Officer Example Job Description

Role Overview:

Responsible for the performance, strategy and alignment of all departments within the organisation that have any relation to revenue generation.  Identifying and delivering new revenue opportunities in our market; growing revenue from the client base; creating a sustainable strategy for future growth and delivering accurate revenue projections.


  • Work closely with the executive team and board of directors to develop growth strategies for pioneering new markets and competitive opportunities.
  • Build a robust and accurate revenue pipeline and forecasting.
  • Implement a tech strategy that delivers accurate data that can be used for future decision making.
  • Build a cohesive short, medium and long term revenue strategy that encompasses marketing; sales; product/service and customer success teams.
  • Create a ‘lean start up’ mentality of constant experimentation and learning.
  • Responsible for the sustainable growth of the business by increasing revenue year on year.


  • Experience of revenue ownership with a successful track record of success and demonstrable business expansion and growth.
  • Proven successful sales team building and management experience.
  • A deep knowledge of cross-channel marketing, native advertising, programmatic, and the latest trends in digital advertising.
  • Thorough understanding of a wide range of technology.
  • Strong ability with data analytics.
  • Understanding of how to establish and maintain excellent relationships with C-level executives of key target clients and channel partners.
  • Strong leadership experience with the ability to lead change and take others with you.
  • Ability to facilitate discussions to resolve conflicting processes, content, opinions.
  • Able to demonstrate a high degree of passion and energy whilst maintaining a positive outlook.

Chief Revenue Officer Salary Expectations:

Depending on the size of the organisation, the revenue goals in question and the level of experience the individual carries, you could expect to pay a base salary of between $130,000 and $300,000 in the US.  In addition performance based bonus remuneration is commonplace.  In EMEA it’s more difficult to provide an average salary at the time of writing (2019) because the role isn’t commonplace yet.  But we’d predict upwards of £100,000 base salary with performance bonus on top.

The 8 Best Interview Questions to Ask a Chief Revenue Officer:

  1. What proven examples of sustained revenue generation and business growth can you provide?
  2. What experience and understanding do you have of organisational and cultural change?
  3. Tell us what your first 12 months as CRO would look like.
  4. Please provide a detailed example of how you’d use digital marketing tactics and channels as part of the revenue engine.
  5. Explain how you’d go about identifying friction in our sales process.
  6. How would you use technology to fulfill your obligations and objectives as CRO?
  7. Explain how data will inform your day to day decision making as CRO.
  8. How resilient are you to negativity? You’ll be a catalyst for change, and it’s not always going to be met positively – how will you maintain your energy?

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