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During a recent event we had the opportunity to host a seminar that focused on how we are helping certain clients in changing their marketing emphasis from one of being traditional, to one of Demand Generation.

We’ve seen over the last 18 months that both existing clients and prospects are wishing to make the change from a traditional marketing structure and deployment to one focused around Demand Generation. Businesses are looking at the direction of the market, versus their ability to deliver compared to their competitors, and noticing a gap in their ability. For example only 8% of businesses rate their internal marketing teams as strong across all digital areas.

Rather than support clients with a one off strategic programme which is typically handed over to them to manage and run. We have found Demand Generation as a Managed Service to be a beneficial way of reaching modern-day B2B Marketing objectives. This has been realised through clients having access the breadth of resource requirements from a technical level and much needed skill support of; Inbound, Content, Marketing Technology and Management required to drive and refine. As both parties are in this for the long haul we’ve seen real growth where we can then support the internal team to develop and continue doing what they’re strong at.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, I’ll save you time in reading what the Demand Generation infrastructure looks like, by showing you:

Demand Generation Infrastructure

To date we have been running this type of activity for nearly two years, and if I’m being honest, there have been lessons learnt internally and from clients. Given the access to detailed reporting now available there is a tendency to question whether the activity is working. However, what we have seen over time are trends, which were never available or open to the same level of scrutiny than they are today. It is clear that despite business pressures to get results fast, a longer-term approach works best with analysis to enable refinement.

Overall key to the success of this approach for our clients is their commitment to make this work both from their understanding of Demand Generation to putting the right level of resource internally to drive from their side. It’s a cliché but “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, and taking this approach has made for a strong relationship. Although technology is critical in supporting goals being achieved, without having a sound strategy around Content and Inbound, engagement results will be limited. Plus often overlooked in the process is the Management function, which provides the necessary engagement with the other Demand Generation functions and client at the right point in the construction, delivery and maintaining process is vital.

Contact Andrea Glenn on AGlenn@ledgerbennett.com or call 08458 383883 to understand how we can work together in providing perpetual Marketing and Sales alignment through Demand Generation as a Managed Service during 2016 and beyond.

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