Ledger Bennett says: How has B2B Marketing Changed?

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Ledger Bennett was established in 1985 and in that time, we’ve come a long way. And it’s not just us! B2B Marketing is a whole different ball game – and that’s us putting it lightly. So what’s changed, and what does the future hold?

We’ve asked our staff of all ages, experience, and backgrounds, from all over the world…

How has your role in B2B marketing changed since it began?


Everything is more immediate, iterative, measurable and adaptable. When my career began we were more committed to our decisions. TV, Radio and Print were the main channels of communication and once the campaign was live there was really no going back. Now we can measure, review, adapt and evolve as we go. Marketers are spoilt with the tools available today, but the competition is fierce, so knowing how to work them effectively is critical!

Scott Thomas, Senior Designer


Blimey! Where do I start?! I have seen a major transition from everything being print-based, with high-cost DM and exhibition graphics, very little email marketing and virtually non-existent inbound/social marketing, through to the complete opposite!

Cheryl Harris, Web Producer


When I first started in “Integrated Direct Marketing”, we were cutting edge because we were one of the first organizations to utilize fax blasts, alongside our direct mail and telemarketing. Since that time, the methods of reaching your target audience have expanded significantly. I certainly don’t miss those fax blasts.

Scott Graves, Head of Client Success – Americas



How does the future of your specialty look over the next 10 years?


AI will change Marketing Automation in the next couple of years. With the amount of data points increasing all the time, Predictive Intelligence/Analytics will reshape and develop key B2B marketing practices. These new technologies will eventually change the workforce requirements in B2B marketing. People with a dynamic aptitude and exposure to changing technology will be required. All of this, I believe, will lead to the commercial function of every B2B business being heavily influenced by the B2B marketer.

Aatif Basheer, Consultant


The requirement for a great strategy and solid plan will remain unchanged. But the business and marketing landscape will no doubt be unrecognizable in 10 years time in terms of the marketing channels and the technology available. Never mind Alexa, we might be doing Google searches and ordering online with our thoughts!

Jon Barkworth, Strategy and Planning Director


We’ll need to get more and more creative in both channels and messages we use to persuade people to convert. The competition will grow and there will be more noise and more people/companies/businesses trying to capture even less available attention.

Jen Lyn Rogers, Client Success Director



What do you wish the client knew about your job specialty?


The importance of direct access to platforms or effective tools. And why social media needs to be reactive!

Shelley Martin, Social Media & Community Manager


How much work the word “just” involves.

Jamie Fry, Marketing Automation Consultant


The technical difficulties in making emails cross-client compatible and the complicated coding needed to make them work responsively.

Barry Flammia, Email and Web Developer



So there you have it! Ledger Bennett’s look at the ever-changing B2B Marketing industry. Keep an eye out for the next ‘Ledger Bennett Says’ next month!

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