The Hybrid Workforce Model: 3 Examples

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Hybrid Workforce Model Examples

A continuously evolving business landscape calls for fluid team skill requirements and has necessitated an increasing rate of adoption of the Hybrid Workforce Model, especially among forward-looking Digital Revenue Teams. The vision of a workforce populated with a core of in-house talent augmented by a continuously evolving cadre of on-demand talent to meet ‘right now’ expertise can manifest in a variety of ways as dictated by your individual objectives and business case.

Read on to discover three common examples of how the Hybrid Workforce Model takes shape to inspire your individual vision…

What is a Hybrid Workforce?

While the contemporary definition of Hybrid Workforce has expanded to encompass multiple meanings, with hybrid being used to characterize workforce synergies between human and artificial intelligence as well as in-office and remote employees, our characterization of the term will concern the strategic deployment of a combination of internal employee and on-demand contract people talent assets.

Example One – Funded Startup

Many startups reach their funding stage with a marketing by committee approach, but the law of more money, more problems precipitate the need to build a team capable of scaling revenue, and needing those people yesterday.

But there’s a catch. The business requirement for an in-house agency-style marketing team is one many startup founders find difficult to recruit, and, even if they can, it often takes several long months to bring on just a fraction of the required skills.

As illustrated below, utilizing FluidTalent people will have your in-house agency up and running in a matter of weeks, not months, with the skills your start-up needs to scale revenue for hyper-growth.


Startup - Day Zero Org Chart


Startup - One Month Later Org Chart


Startup - Six Months Later Org Chart


Startup - 12 Months Later & Beyond Org Chart

Example Two – Mid-Enterprise Technology Project

Modern B2B marketing dictates a synergy between human and artificial intelligence and the deployment of a right-sized tech stack to deliver the personalized experiences demanded of your buyers.

But technology has a way of changing at an exponential rate, while internal skills tend to expand along a more logarithmic curve; with the resulting divide representing your internal skills gap.

Our approach is one that starts with a consultative understanding of business goals and the formulation of a strategic approach to onboarding the right technology supplemented by FluidTaltent people with the right-now skills and expertise required to accelerate time to value from your technology investment.


Mid-Enterprise - Day Zero Org Chart


Mid-Enterprise - One Month Later Org Chart


Mid-Enterprise - Six Months Later & Beyond Org Chart

Example Three – Large B2B Enterprise Division or Operating Company

Divisional Revenue Teams are often faced with a common challenge. Lofty goals with limited in-house staff with which to accomplish them. While these teams often have a core group of SMEs, they face similar challenges in terms of right-now skill gaps to build the stand-out B2B buyer experiences they need.

That’s where FluidTalent teams serve as an effective method of marketing staff augmentation. Moreover, FluidTalent is an effective solution for marketing leaders who lack budget to increase internal headcount, but have marketing budget that can be spent on on-demand contract talent.


Large Enterprise - Day Zero Org Chart


Large Enterprise - One Month Later Org Chart


Large Enterprise - Six Months Later & Beyond Org Chart

A Flexible Solution Crafted to Meet Your Needs

As detailed, Ledger Bennett’s FluidTalent approach presents a malleable solution fit for the full gamut of use-cases. Whether you need a high-functioning Revenue Team with an In-House Agency mindset, need to fill right-now skills gaps around a specific project, or need force-multipliers to augment internal headcounts, we have the individuals capable of meeting your challenge.

Discover Ledger Bennett’s FluidTalent Approach to Hybrid Workforce Solutions or Contact Us to request a consultation and quote.