60 second read: The 4 Main Demand Generation Challenges for 2017

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Demand Generation Challenges 2017

The marketing landscape is evolving, fast! Every day, new innovations are changing the way we operate and forcing us to adapt, or suffer the consequences. The same applies to traditional B2B businesses looking to adopt Demand Generation, here are just 4 of the challenges they’re facing right now. 

It’s no secret these two departments rarely see eye to eye, but co-operation and co-ordination is essential in order to develop a successful Demand Generation function. Of course, achieving this is easier said than done.

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Culturally, many marketing teams are still too product focused. They fail to recognise the need to put the customer first and as such often struggle in their transition to a Demand Generation model.

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Moving into and dedicating resource to each of these areas is tough, but necessary. To effectively adopt Demand Generation, experts are needed in each of their respective fields to ensure each department plays their role in the overall infrastructure.

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As is typical with most corporate developments, budgetary restrictions often undermine success. There is generally a reluctance to invest in the infrastructure required to make the most out of Demand Generation. This often leads to inefficiencies and in the end typically costs the business more anyway.

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