Maintaining revenue performance with reduced media budgets


Following the success of our previous client all hands covering virtual events and our non-contact sales approach, we hosted a third session tackling media insight and planning, a topic many of our clients are asking about.

Given the current climate, we have been asked many questions surrounding the likes of media budgets, approaches and most importantly how to stay on track with targets!  More than ever we need to focus on responsible spending and making the most of opportunities within digital channels.

We’ve been working with many clients on how to focus media efforts whilst staying on track with goals.  In this client all hands we share:

  • What market trends we are seeing in digital marketing
  • Performance indicators in media channels
  • Recommendations to act on now
  • Scenario planning to keep you ahead of what’s to come

Watch our all hands, run by our Performance and Media team strategists who have been busy monitoring trends to develop appropriate recommendations for clients in various industries and regions.

If you would like to discuss any of the material covered in the presentation, please reach out to your account manager or get in touch.