Engage your prospects with paid social

What is Paid Social?

Paid Social helps you target the right audience with content within Social channels. Effectively, you are paying to broadcast social content to a broader audience than you would naturally reach.

How would Paid Social benefit my business?

There two main benefits to Paid Social. Firstly, it helps you to speak to the right people and accelerates leads coming into the top of funnel.

Secondly, your organic community will benefit as it draws attention to the fact that your business is active in Social channels.

How is Ledger Bennett’s approach to Paid Social different?

We don’t just look at leads coming into the top of the funnel. Instead we can directly impact funnel performance by re-focusing targeting at the top. We also take insights from Paid Social activity and feed them into Organic Social and vice versa. This is an important tactic that many miss but is an important source of insights.

Interested in Paid Social?

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